Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Memory of Jason Morgan, Who's Not Dead

General Hospital fans are in mourning. Jason Morgan, the amnesiac rich kid turned mob enforcer, was shot and dumped into the harbor, and this time, it's serious. Because the actor who plays Jason has quit after 21 years on the job.

But while the actor may have moved on, Jason Morgan lives on. After all, Jason's been shot many times before and has likely developed an immunity. Not to mention all his bouts with Serious Brain Damage. He can come back any time--- perhaps with a whole new face.

You know, like Todd Manning did on One Life to Live. Of course, New Todd turned out to be Old Todd's long lost twin brother Victor, who was killed by Old Todd--- just like Jason did to his previously unknown evil twin Franco. Pity that after Todd moved to Port Charles he never had time for a heart-to-heart chat with Jason on the topic of  'My evil twin and why I killed him'.

The sad thing for fans is that Jason's departure leaves the Quartermaine family sadly depleted, after the deaths of A. J., Alan, Emily, Lila, and Jason's son Jake. It was nice that they let the usually-missing Monica have a nice little scene with her grandson Michael. Since families are the essence of a soap opera, they really need to beef the Quartermaines up, perhaps recasting Ned and Dillon and bringing them back, or bringing Alan and Emily back from the dead. Or they could come up with some previously unknown Quartermaines.  Perhaps Spinelli could turn out to be Alan or Edward's illegitimate son. (I was hoping for him to turn out to be Sonny's kid, but then Dante turned up.)

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