Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy sinks HMS Bounty, Captain missing

Headline of the day: Hurricane Sandy has sunk the HMS Bounty, and the captain is among the missing.

No, it wasn't THAT HMS Bounty--- the one that sailed for Tahiti to pick up a load of breadfruit trees and suffered a mutiny. That ship was burned by the mutineers off Pitcairn island.

And it wasn't THAT captain--- Captain William Bligh, who was hailed a hero for the open-boat voyage he made in the Bounty's launch after the mutineers forced him and the ship's loyalists to leave. Bligh's reputation suffered from the attempts of mutineers' families to blame him for the mutiny to protect their loved ones from the noose. But in fact, the historical record shows that Bligh flogged his men less than any other British captain who sailed to the Pacific in that era.

The ship that was lost was a copy of the HMS Bounty made for the 1962 film 'Mutiny on the Bounty' starring a petulant Marlon Brando. The captain is Robin Walbridge. One of the crew members, Claudine Christian, was found but pronounced dead, other crew members were rescued by the Coast Guard.

I don't know if Captain Walbridge is quite as heroic as Captain Bligh, but he sure was courageous in taking the ship out in the storm. It is said to be safer for the ship to be at sea than in port during a storm, but the crew of the ship is of course safer when they stay in port. Let's pray that Walbridge is found alive.

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